Employee Experience

Company assessment

Have you just taken over the management of a company or division? Is your company undergoing transformation? Have you recently merged two companies or brands? Company assessment is the right tool to know what is really happening at your company and what the real motivators and opinions of your employees are. Through structured, in-depth interviews with selected employees in your organization we can uncover hidden or unresolved problems at all levels of management. Correctly assess the situation in the company before you take strategic decisions.

Internal ombudsman

During our projects, we find that frequent sources of employee demotivation are often small or long-unsolved problems and personal disputes. Such situations cannot be prevented, but it is possible to detect, solve and eliminate them in time before they turn into demotivation of the entire team or the resignation of employees. This role can be fulfilled by the Internal Ombudsman for employees, who is an independent person outside the company structure, and therefore ordinary employees and managers can turn to him with confidence when solving their problems or disputes. We, as Motivate, are able to provide you with this service externally, possibly set the rules for the service in accordance with international standards, fulfill the role of Internal Ombudsman for some period and then hand it over to an internal person if you choose so.

Satisfaction and loyalty survey

Do you want to have a regular overview of how the satisfaction and motivation of your employees is developing? Or you just need to quickly determine the attitude to change or to a specific topic across the entire company or only selected division? In that case, a quantitative survey in the form of on-line polling is appropriate. You will receive quick and accurate answers to the questions that interests you. Plus you will get a comparison with the attitude of your employees not only over time, but also in comparison with the overall market. Unlike other research firms, drawing on similar benchmarks from European or even non-European markets. We always have up to date benchmarks exclusively from employees of companies operating in the Czech Republic.

People Analytics

A tool that uses available company data about employees, revealing which people to invest in (talent identification) and how to make it as effective as possible for the company and return the investment as quickly as possible. It helps companies improve their resource planning and thus prevent capacity problems. It helps in recruiting decisions to attract the most suitable candidates. It helps to increase productivity and align the values of corporate culture with the real functioning of the company and create an environment that better helps to achieve business goals.

Corporate culture

Do you need to better adapt to changes in the functioning of your company on the external market or do you have a new assignment from the shareholders that requires a radical change in the behavior and actions of employees? An appropriately chosen corporate culture can better motivate employees to do what the company and its management expect and need to achieve their goals. We have real experience with the successful introduction or changing of corporate culture in large and small companies. We can help you define the right corporate culture that corresponds to the situation in your organization and we will help you with its rapid implementation.

Internal communication strategy

Do you need to motivate staff for the tasks that await you? Do you need to ensure a smooth flow of information from management to the front lines of your company? Do you need a proper functioning feedback, so that you receive the necessary information promptly and without information filters? We’ve been through a lot of large and small firms and gained practical experience on how internal communication really works. We therefore know where and how to create information barriers, and we also have the best practical experience in removing them.

Employer branding

Employer branding is also one of the fundamental parameters that creates the overall image of the brand. Is this really a company I look up to and where I would like to work? Employer branding is a tool to increase the attractiveness of the brand. This process results in making employees increasingly proud of their employer, while also improving your company’s image among potential job seekers. Ultimately, this project can then increase the quality of recruitment and bring you the best professionals in your field.

Brand vision and mission

Do you find yourself at a crossroads with your business and need to properly define where to go from here? The redefinition of your vision and mission is useful even in the moments when the environment in which the company operates has changed significantly or when the company has begun to stagnate. We can help articulate a vision, mission and brand values, to make them comprehensible to the widest range of employees, but mainly to make these inspirational in their daily work life.

Changeover workshops

Do you need to define a way to reach your chosen goal? Give us 8 hours of your time and we’ll help you find the best solution. We know how others have dealt with similar issues. We can bring you successful, real-world case studies that will help you avoid the blind alleys. You will arrive at solutions not in weeks or months, but during a single, joint workshop. With our unique methodology, we can help you implement proposed changes in your organization. Ensuring they will not stay just on paper. 

Customer Experience

Marketing research

Do you need to get the current and representative information on consumer behavior? Do you want to find out how to change the customer or the market? A quantitative survey in the form of an on-line or telephone survey of consumers will provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make further decisions on setting up your products and services. In a qualitative form, through individual interviews, we are able give you deeper insights in the area of purchasing decisions. We have 20 years of experience in marketing research and working with consumer insights. Part of our message is always a specific recommendation on how to use the information gathered in the creation of specific product concepts and brand positioning.

Communication concept test

Do you need to make sure that you select the best communications solutions, or want to re-check how well your ad actually managed to reach out to your consumers? At such a point, it is appropriate to perform advertising pre-test and post-test. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies we can give you quick and comprehensive feedback on the proposed communications solutions. So you can modify them to their optimum form in a timely manner. Unlike conventional market research agencies, over the course of our career, we have created many successful communication concepts – therefore we know what to ask and how to ask it.

Consumer driver

A brand positioning model that gives you a specific picture of how your brand stands amongst the competition. Our unique model combines real customer experience, decision making, purchasing power and image of individual brands in a given segment. This way you will see not only where the greatest potential for your business is, but also how best to meet customer needs in a given segment.