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Years existence of the company
In-depth interviews with employees on topic of their motivation
Filled surveys in quantitative research
Kilometers driven to employees around Czech and Slovak Republic

Why Motivate?

We are partners of the biggest and most successful businesses on the Czech market. We create added value for these businesses at times when important decisions that affect the future needs to be made. We are able to reveal what you do not know, or you just suspect.

Thanks to in-depth interviews with your employees, we are able to reveal and describe in detail which hidden problems influence the development of the company and what are the motivators that your employees retain in the company. Using quantitative research, we will show you how you perform in key areas compare to the Czech market. Finally, through People Analytics toll, we’ll identify the causes of the issues exposed in the qualitative section that your business is facing.


In-depth interviews with employees across the company structure.


Online questionnaire survey within the company and on the external market.


Analysis of internal employee data that the company collects.


Proposal of concrete measures based on findings and best practice from the market.


Employees are the greatest asset of any company and their potential is much greater than is typically utilized. We offer a wide range of employee motivation research products to help you identify the main sources of motivation of your employees and potential sources of demotivation.

Taking care of each customer’s satisfaction is one of the priorities of all companies. We can identify the key touchpoints where a customer interacts with your brand and help you to make every customer experience with your brand positive and loyalty-enhancing.

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