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Filled surveys in quantitative research


Kilometers driven to employees around Czech Republic

Who we are

We are partners of the biggest and most successful businesses on the Czech market. We create added value for these businesses at times when important decisions that affect the future needs to be made.

What we do

We provide the company's management with a detailed and comprehensible analysis of the current state of the organization or selected divisions based on structured interviews with employees across the entire organizational structure. These projects provided us with the opportunity to get to know in detail the functioning of large corporations and small businesses and to gain a unique overview of both the pitfalls and best practices in management and employee motivation. We can thus deliver not only an analysis of the situation, but also provide specific solutions for your company.

Our clients


HR References

We have cooperated with the company Motivate on the project employer branding. It was one of the best forms of cooperation I have ever experienced in my professional career. When we agreed on something, it was completed to the full extent, all deadlines were met and we were made aware of any threats regarding deadlines or other things. The company Motivate prepared a qualitative and quantitative survey making us understand how our company has been perceived by our own employees as well as potential candidates. They also presented all positive and negative matters exactly they way they were presented to them, without unnecessary words. As a matter of course, they also suggested possible solutions of the situations and circumstances that had to be solved immediately in our company. They helped us a lot to prepare our employer brand and I can warmly recommend them for similar projects. Their know-how, client oriented approach and direct purposeful feedback are very valuable.

Richard Havrila, Head of Human Resources REWE GROUP Slovakia, 2018

„In connection with the need to create a new Employer brand strategy, we chose Motivate in tender. The choice proved to be very correct, it is a reliable and competent partner. Based on in-depth research among both employees and potential cendidates, they were able to accurately analyze the key motivators of our employees and formulate the main pillars of the Billa Employer Brand strategy. At the same time, they were able to identify the sources of dissatisfaction of our employees and, on the basis of facilitating the change workshop with the top management of the company, to propose concrete steps to reduce fluctuation and increase the attractiveness of our brand to potential job seekers. We appreciate their client- side approach throughout the project management as well as understandable outputs that have helped us in formulating the final decisions not only in the area of HR.”

Šárka Brennerová, Head of Human Resources BILLA, 2017

„We have worked with Jan Šmída and Jiří Žižka on a project changing the corporate culture of the Buřinka company. This cooperation has provided us with a completely new insight into the soul of our company. It has helped us better understand our colleagues and their view on Buřinka as an employer, and identify what our employees value and what should be changed. Jan and Jiří even helped us define basic principles of a new corporate culture and its implementation in the company. What do I especially appreciate in this cooperation? Honest and practical approach, open, constructive and inspiring discussion and sharing of experiences on similar projects in other companies.”

Jiří Plíšek, Chairman of the Board SSČS, 2016

„After my experience with the Motivate Consulting in the Operations division of Česká spořitelna, I have decided to use their services in regards to planned changes in the Retail Division of ČS as well. The in-depth survey carried out across the entire branch network helped all of us better understand the current state of affairs, problems, and everyday concerns that our employees on the front line are faced with. We were impressed not only by the complexity and depth of the identified topics, but also the particularly accurate and comprehensible analysis of problems outlined in the fields of processing, motivation, and the cooperation of bank divisions, as well as the view of our employees and the brand image of the company they work for. For me, this view was particularly valuable at a time when I held the position of newly appointed Director of the Retail Division and had to quickly and accurately navigate the current situation while making quick and correct decisions.”

Tomáš Salomon , Managing Director of Česká spořitelna, 2015

„In connection with the need to revise the Employer Brand strategy for the ČEZ Group, we have contacted the Motivate company. A deep survey performed among employees Jiří Žižka and Jan Šmíd, enabled us to comprehensibly and materially answer all of our questions and simultaneously reveal additional subjects we had not considered until that time in connection with the presentation of the employer brand. In particular, we value the precise analysis of the issue and the ability to infer from this analysis clear strategic recommendations and proposed solutions for the area of HR and communication. ”

Ing. Josef Lejček, Director of the HR division, ČEZ Group, 2014

„Is there another way to learn more about how people in your team are doing, what their needs are, what bothers them and what makes them fun than asking them directly? Though, only questioning cannot always provide an accurate picture of all issues concerning your employees and we are often unable to identify potential discontent due to our professional blindness. Through in-depth interviews with our employees, Motivate has helped us set the mirror properly. Outputs from the survey have contributed to the decision where to focus our energy and attention. We believe that the more enthusiastic and committed employees we have, the better the Česká spořitelna will do. The collaboration with the tandem of Jiří Žižka and Jan Šmída was excellent and professional. The quality outputs showed clearly their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of in-depth surveys. Great job, guys!”

Daniela Pešková, Director of Operations Česká spořitelna, 2014

„We have been working with Jiří Žižka and Jan Šmída at Česka pojišťovna since the end of 2012 on the project entitled Employer Branding. This project, and in particular the contribution of both of our external colleagues from Motivate have provided us with comprehensive information on factors that motivate our insurance agents, respectively de-motivate, in their work at Česka pojišťovna, and, last but not least, also the very interesting findings regarding the motivation of applicants for employment at our company. Together with our colleagues, we are now preparing other concrete steps by which we could react to the findings of the project, and simultaneously also further strengthen the image of Česka pojišťovna as an attractive, perceptive and stable employer.”

Jaroslav Mlynář, General Director of Česká pojišťovna, 2013

„In 2008-2011 Jiří Žižka led the Employer Branding project of the ČEZ Group on the part of the agency. He managed to map the best international practices, analyze the management of employee insights and then based on that propose an optimal process for building the new brand of the employer and communication concept of the ČEZ Group for potential applicants and employees. Based on this project a significant shift in the field of engagement between existing employees occurred and the ČEZ Group has repeatedly begun to place itself in the highest rankings of the most desired employers in surveys amongst university students.”

Pavel Puff, Manager of Strategic recruitment division, ČEZ Group, 2011

„In order to profile itself better towards existing and potential employees, Ahold decided to define it´s Employer Brand in 2008.I my position as HR director of Ahold stores in Czech Republic I was leading this project. Jiri Zizka headed the team on agency side. I enjoyed working with Jiri for reasons that we did not only reach a great results which really fitted the organization and what we stand for, but as well for the ownership he showed in pulling this off together. Jiri was not afraid to challenge our assumptions based on his own insights and insights gained from our employees during the interviews and observations.”

Gino Schilders, HR Director Operations Ahold Czech Republic, 2008

Marketing References

„We turned to the Motivate Company with our goal - to build the Amica brand on the Czech market. In the first phase they helped us to map the behavior of Czech consumers. Using qualitative research among consumer electronics retailers we gained many valuable ideas on how consumers really function at the point of sale. In the next stage, they were a strong partner for us in the development of Amica’s brand positioning and in preparing an overall communication strategy. We especially appreciate their ability not only to accurately analyze the situation, but especially their ability to find solutions to specific problems.”

Lukáš Metelka, Managing Director Amica Commerce, 2016

„We have been collaborating with Motivate on long-term development and establishment of communication strategies, as well as brand positioning for several of the brands from the Hartmann portfolio. What we value the most in our collaboration with Jiri Zizka and Jan Šmída is their ability to accurately analyze data from surveys and use it to come up with meaningful and specific recommendations for establishing a specific communication strategy and brand positioning of our brands. Their recommendations are always supported by specific arguments and clearly practical experience with the development of communication for major brands.”

Věra Husáková, Sales and Marketing Manager Hartmann, 2017

Why Motivate?

HR - Employee motivation


Experience in surveying

We have completed over 4.500 in-depth interviews with employees of the biggest corporations on topic of their motivation and company functioning.


Complex view

We know how to ask the right questions - for more than 15 years, we search for the right insights, the innermost motives that control the behaviour and decision-making of the most important people - employees and customers.


Exact solution

Our knowledge goes beyond simple claims, thanks to our experience from practice, we can draw specific recommendations for further development of the company.

Marketing - Customer motivation


Marketing research

We have the advantage of experiencing most of the things, that others know only from books - the time when large brands entered our market and new service categories were being created. Since these times we have been active in rebranding and brand positioning.


Communication test

We have experienced the pitfalls in creating brand strategy and communication. That's why we know what questions to ask during testing, to see if the proposed solution is the best one.


Brand building

This approach enables us to be a good partner in discussing your brand's direction and choosing the right strategy.

Our offer

HR - Employee motivation

Company assessment

Have you just taken over the management of a company or division? Is your company undergoing transformation? Have you recently merged two companies or brands? Company assessment is the right tool to know what is really happening at your company and what the real motivators and opinions of your employees are. Through structured, in-depth interviews with selected employees in your organization we can uncover hidden or unresolved problems at all levels of management and correctly assess the situation in the company before you take strategic decisions.

Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey

Do you want to have a regular overview of how the satisfaction and motivation of your employees is developing? Or you just need to quickly determine the attitude to change or to a specific topic across the entire company or only selected division? In that case, a quantitative survey in the form of online polling is appropriate. You will receive quick and accurate answers to the questions that interest you and get a comparison with the attitude of your employees not only over time, but also in comparison with the overall market. Unlike other research firms, drawing on similar benchmarks from European or even non-European markets, we always have up to date benchmarks exclusively from employees of companies operating in the Czech Republic.

Corporate Culture

Do you need to better adapt to changes in the functioning of your company on the external market or do you have a new assignment from the shareholders that requires a radical change in the behavior and actions of employees? An appropriately chosen corporate culture can better motivate employees to do what the company and its management expect and need to achieve their goals. We have real experience with the successful introduction or changing of corporate culture in large and small companies. We can help you define the right corporate culture that corresponds to the situation in your organization and we will help you with its rapid implementation.

Employer branding

Employer branding is also one of the fundamental parameters that creates the overall image of the brand. Is this really a company I look up to and where I would like to work? Employer branding is a tool to increase the attractiveness of the brand. This process results in making employees increasingly proud of their employer, while also improving your company's image among potential job seekers. Ultimately, this project can then increase the quality of recruitment and bring you the best professionals in your field.

Internal Communication Strategy

Do you need to motivate staff for the tasks that await you? Do you need to ensure a smooth flow of information from management to the front lines of your company and provide a feedback function so that you receive the necessary information promptly and without unnecessary information filters? We’ve been through a lot of large and small firms and gained practical experience on how internal communication really works. We therefore know where and how to create information barriers, and we also have the best practical experience in removing them.

Brand Vision and Mission

Do you find yourself at a crossroads with your business and need to properly define where to go from here? The redefinition of your vision and mission is useful even in the moments when the environment in which the company operates has changed significantly or when the company has begun to stagnate. We can help articulate a vision, mission and brand values, to make them comprehensible to the widest range of employees, but mainly to make these inspirational in their daily work life.

Changeover workshops

Do you need to define a way to reach your chosen goal? Give us 8 hours of your time and we'll help you find the best solution. We know how others have dealt with similar issues, and we can bring you successful, real-world case studies that will help you avoid the blind alleys and arrive at solutions not in weeks or months, but during a single, joint workshop. With our unique methodology, we can help you implement proposed changes in your organization, ensuring they will not stay just on paper. We perform quantitative and qualitative marketing research focusing on the area of customer experience and description of the customer’s decision-making process. Based on this knowledge and our expertise in strategy-building, we are then able to design an optimal strategy for your brand. We have a unique model that can convert the research data into positioning your brand amongst the competition.

Marketing - Customer motivation

Marketing Research

Do you need to get the current and representative information on consumer behavior? Do you want to find out how to change the customer or the market? A quantitative survey in the form of an online or telephone survey of consumers will provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make further decisions on setting up your products and services. In a qualitative form, through in-depth or individual interviews, we are able give you deeper insights in the area of purchasing decisions. We have 20 years of experience in marketing research and working with consumer insights. Part of our message is always a specific recommendation on how to use the information gathered in the creation of specific product concepts and brand positioning.

Communication Concept Test

Do you need to make sure that you select the best communications solutions, or want to re-check how well your ad actually managed to reach out to your consumers? At such a point, it is appropriate to perform advertising pre-test and post-test. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies we can give you quick and comprehensive feedback on the proposed communications solutions, so you can modify them to their optimum form in a timely manner. Unlike conventional market research agencies, over the course of our career, we have created many successful communication concepts - therefore we know what to ask and how to ask it.

Consumer driver

A brand positioning model that gives you a specific picture of how your brand stands amongst the competition. Our unique model combines real customer experience, decision making, purchasing power and image of individual brands in a given segment. This way you will see not only where the greatest potential for your business is, but also how best to meet customer needs in a given segment.

Our team

Jan Šmída

Managing Partner

Jiří Žižka

Senior Partner

Petr Šmída

Associate Senior Partner

Martin Převrátil

Quantitative research

Ivana Poláčková

Qualitative research



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